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bu-letteral letteral for u.
bu-letteral letteral for y.
bu-letteral letteral: happiness symbol (letteral).
bu-letteral letteral for "h" character Synonym: {y'y.bu}
ti jganu me'o a bu lo mitre be li pi mu gi'e stero be li re
This is an angle from vertex A having the lateral of 0.5 meters and subtending two steradians.
mi je'a djica lo ka tadni i ku'i ka bu nandu mi
I do want to study. But it's difficult to me.
mi djica lo nu do kansa mi i xu nu bu cumki
I want you to accompany me. Is this possible?
fu'ivla x1 is the selma'o "BU".
bu-letteral letteral: ampersand character; especially used in standing for a mixed connective.
bu-letteral Letteral: “q” character See https://lojban.github.io/cll/17/5/
bu-letteral Letteral: “w” character See https://lojban.github.io/cll/17/5/
bu-letteral letteral for "h" character Synonym: {xy.bu} . See https://lojban.github.io/cll/17/5/
bu-letteral letteral: humor symbol, ":-)" and its related forms expressing humor (letteral).
lujvo x1 (quoted text) is a “bu letteral” of character x2 (zoi quote). This term is specific to Lojban. A “bu letteral” is defined as one word which has been made to a letteral with “bu”. x1 is a quote (eg. with luli'u) containing the “bu letteral” (including “bu”), x2 quotes the character which the “bu letteral” stands for verbatim, which requires to use a zoi quote. See also: lerfu.
lujvo x1 is a period/dot/full stop (character “.”). See also: {denpa bu}.
la uest cu se nabmi ge ki'u nai lo nu .u bu mitcinpa'i nanmu gi ki'u lo nu .u bu simlu lo ka djica lo nu pilno lo nu catni fi lo gubni jibri kei lo nu cpedu lo cinse nu selfu
West is in trouble not because he is a gay man, but because he is a man who was apparently willing to use the power of his public office to solicit sexual favors.