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cmavo time tense relation/direction: is [selbri]; during/simultaneous with [sumti]; present tense.
lujvo cl1 is unaided by/without apparatus/mechanism/device/equipment ca1=cl2 for function ca2 controlled/triggered by ca3 (agent).
ca ma
cmavo-compound sumti question asking for a time/date/event; simultaneous with what?.
ca carvi
It's raining.
ca jaurcarvi
It's raining.
ca glare
It's hot now.
pei ca lo ca nicte
How about tonight?
lujvo cu1=ca1 (agent) permits/lets/allows cu2 (event) under conditions cu3, derived from authority on basis ca3.
cmavo-compound Now. At the present time. The terminator ku is used to close the tense ca.
cmavo location tense relation/direction; coincident with/at the same place as; space equivalent of ca.
lujvo ca1=cm1 is tiny/miniature/diminutive/very small in property ca2=cm2 to observer ca3=cm3. Cf. cmalu, carmi, cmacma, ruble, toltce; antonym: caibra.
ca ma do jbena
When were you born?
ra ca klaku
She is crying.
li reno ca tcika
It's eight o'clock at night.
do ca mo
What are you up to?
velsla ca lo bavlamdei
Tomorrow is a holiday.