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glare ca lo cabdei
It's hot today.
ma ca tcika
What time is it?
mi ca tatpi
I'm tired now.
le lanzu ca mo
How is the family doing?
ra ca ca'o cadzu
He is taking a walk.
ca ma se srera
When did the error occur?
ca ma do cliva
When are you off?
lenku ca lo prulamdei
It was cold yesterday.
mi citka ca ku
I'm eating now.
.uanai ca mutce cizra
Uh, now it's really weird...
tcelenku ca lo cabdei
It's really cold today.
.i ca sipku'a nicygau
She's now straightening up her room.
ca donri midju
It is midday.
mi ca to'e cando
I don't have time now.
nu salci ca ma
When is the party?
.u'a mi ca jimpe
Oh, now I understand.