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xu do ca dasni lo palku
Are you wearing trousers?
xo prenu ca zvati lo bu'u kumfa
How many people are in this room now?
re cribe ca cpana lo bisli
There are two bears on the ice.
mi citka lo rismi ca ro djedi
I eat rice every day.
oi ro'a ca ti mi se cfipu
Awkward. I'm confused.
lo ladru mo'u dunja gi'e ca sligu
The milk froze and is now solid.
so'a lo prenu ca zukcfu no da
Almost all people are idle now.
so'u prenu ca zvati le zarci
There are a few people now in the store.
su'e re prenu ca zvati le dinju
There are at most two people in the building.
vo manti ca plipe lo tricu
There are 4 ants climbing the tree.
lujvo x1=ce1=ca1 is this morning; x1=ce1=ca1 is the morning occuring at the same time as day x2=ce2=d1 at location x3=ce3. Morning (=cerni), tomorrow morning (=bavlamcerni), yesterday morning (=prulamcerni).
gismu rafsi: cab x1 is current at/in the present of/during/concurrent/simultaneous with x2 in time. (default x2 is the present resulting in:) x1 is now; time relationship only, 'aorist' claiming simultaneity does not mean one event does not extend into the past or future of the other. See also zvati, balvi, purci, cmavo list ca, cmavo list ca'a.
lujvo t1 is a microscope used by t2=ca1 for looking at small things t2=ca2=cm1 which are small in property/dimension(s) cm2 (ka) as compared with standard/norm cm3. Cf. cmalu, catlu, tutci, le'otci, darvistci.
mi benji ca lo prulamdei .i ba'a do terbi'e ca lo bavlamdei
I sent it yesterday; you should receive it tomorrow.
lo nu do ca klama cu da'i banzu lo nu do tsuku ca le se tcika
Leaving now would be enough for you to arrive on time.
lujvo ca1=t1=cn1 is a/the mode [value that appears most often] in property/amount cn2 (ka/ni) among cn3(s) (set) by standard cn4.