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le sonci ca morsi
The soldiers are dead.
mi ca cliva
I'm on my way.
ko'a ca na seljibri
They are out of work now.
ko'a ca bajra
They are running now.
mi na ca xagji
Right now, I'm not hungry.
lo ninmu ca nerkla
A woman is going into it now.
mi'o ma ca zvati
Where are we now?
ko ca zukte
Do it now.
e'u ca klama
Let's go now.
da ca zvati ti
There's someone here.
ko ca jundi mi
Watch me now.
ma ca zukte
Who does that?
ma ca selzaumi'o
What is popular now?
mi lebna ra ca
I'll take it now.
mi ca nonkansa
I'm alone now.
ro da ca tatpi
Everyone is tired.