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le minji ca akti lo ka cupra lo purmo
The machine is now in operation producing flour.
ba'a lo mi mamta ca zvati le zdani
I expect my mother to be at home now.
u'i be'u nai ba'a mi ca farlu lo loldi
Ha-ha-ha, so funny, I can't laugh anymore, I might fall down to the floor now.
lo blato cu mipri lo nei ca lo donri
Cockroaches hide themselves during daytime.
ca ku lo nicte cu cacra li mu
At this time, night is 5 hours long.
ca lo crisa lo pezli poi crino co'a xunre
In the fall leaves that are green, turn red.
lo junla ca cpana lo se dacru be lo barda
A clock stands on a chest of big drawers.
mi ca ca'o citka lo stasu be lo dembi
I am eating a bean stew.
lo ca carvi cu diklo lo stuna lo dei tcadu
Within the borders of this city, the rain is in the south.
xu du lo prenu poi mitysisku mi ca lo prulamdei
Are you the same person who searched for me yesterday?
le vacri ca se la'u li du'e glare
It's too hot.
ra pu frumu ca lo ka catlu mi
He frowned looking at me.
ca pa djedi mi ba gu'e badri gi gleki da
One day there will be something so that I will be both sad and happy about.
i'e cu'i do pu tsuku ca lo se tcika
Well, okay, you arrived on time.
do pu je ca je ba pendo mi
You were, are and will be my friend.
lo vacri ca kelvo li ji'i re ze ci
It's around 273 degrees Kelvin (0 degrees Celsius).