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mi pu tsuku ca le se tcika ki'e cu'i do
I arrived on time, no thanks to you.
le bukpu ca manfo lo ka se tengu
The cloth is uniform in texture.
me'i mu prenu ca zutse bu'u le kumfa
There are less than five people sitting in the room now.
lo vacri ca lenku ne'i lo zdani be mi
The air is cold inside my house.
mi ze'u na tavla do ni'o ei mi ca cliva
I haven't talked to you in a long time. Well, now I should leave.
mi pu citka lo nudle pa re'u ca lo cabdei
I ate noodles for the first time today.
o'a ca ti mi kakne lo ka limna
Now I am able to swim.
le mensi ca panpi lo bruna be vo'a
The sister is now at piece with her brother.
lo pezli be lo tricu co'a pelxu ca lo critu
Leaves of tress become yellow in the autumn.
mi ca zvati lo centero be le tcadu
To be precise, I'm in the center of the city.
to'u nai mi cliva ca lo lamji vanci
In detail, I leave this evening.
uu a'o do ba jinga ca lo drata
Oh you poor thing, I hope you will win another time.
le prenu ca zvati vu ci trene tcana ki mi
The man is now far away, three train stations from me.
le fetsi ca xarnu fi lo ka jinvi ma kau
She is obstinate in her opinion.
lujvo cm1 is a geometry describing cm2=ca1=t1 geometric object. Cf. canlu, tarmi, cmaci, cukyxratci, cukla, kubli, cibjgatai, cibjgacmaci.
au mi ne ka'ai do zgana lo cnino skina i ku'i za'a do ca zukcfu so'i da i ca ma mi'o ka'e go'a
I'd like to watch a new movie with you. But as I can see you are very busy now. When can we do that?