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mligla ca lo cabdei
It is rather warm today.
ro ko'a ca tcica
They're all lying.
do ca zukte ma
What are you doing?
do cliva ca ma
When are you leaving?
zo'e cfari ca ma
When does that start?
ca ca'a si'ercarvi
It's snowing.
.o'u mi ca snura
Phew, I'm safe now.
ca ma do tolyli'a
When do you arrive?
le mlatu ca cilmo
The cat is wet.
ca ca'o jaurcarvi
It's raining.
le zarci ca akti
The shop is open.
ca ca'o carvi
It's raining.
ei do ca sipna
You should be sleeping now.
ga'a mi ca cerni
To me it's morning now.
lo cifnu ca lunbe
The baby is naked.
mi ca tcidu sa'u
I'm just reading.