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le gidva pu skicu fi mi'a fe lo nu mi'a cliva ca lo lerci vau lo nu lo aftobuso pu'o tsuku
The guide explained to us that we would leave later in that the bus hadn't yet arrived.
mi cadzu ka'ai le gerku i je ba tu'e mi ba jukpa lo nanba i ja ca bo mi lumci le kumfa tu'u
I will walk with the dog. And then I will either cook the bread or clean the room or doth both at the same time.
ca lo vensa be lo re no no mu moi bei la australi'as mi pu na zvati lo mi zdani gugde
During Australian winter of year 2005 I wasn't in my home country.
la brest co'a se jibri ca lo cedra be lo nu lo clani lenjo cu jai zabna tcaci i ku'i by ca'o pilno ly za'o lo nu ly co'u jai zantcaci
Brest started his career during an era when long lenses were all the rage, but he's kept using them beyond the point where they ceased to be fashionable.