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su'o prenu ca jundi
At least one person is attentive now.
xa cipni ca vofli
There are 6 birds flying.
lujvo cp1=ca2 demands cp2=ca2 from cp3. Cf. catni, cpedu, e'o, camcpe, mi'ecpe.
lujvo ca1=ci3 crawls on surface ca2. Cf. cidni, cadzu, cidydzu, cidykla, reskla. Similar to walking but without standing on feet.
lujvo x2=c1 is current at/in the present of/during/concurrent/simultaneous with x1=c2 in time. se cabna; see also ca.
lujvo ca1 is a drip coffeemaker [default: electric] for producing coffee ca2=cu2=ck1=d1=f1 by dripping coffee to pot f2 from mechanism f3 in gravity well/frame of reference f4, controlled/[triggered] by ca3 (agent). See also coffeemaker (=kafpraca'a), making coffee (=kafpra).
lujvo ca1 is a coffeemaker/is an apparatus/device for producing coffee ca2=cu2=ck1 controlled/[triggered] by ca3 (agent). See also: making coffee (=kafpra), (electric) drip coffeemaker (=digyfalkafpraca'a), french press (=da'erju'ebo'i), moka pot (=botrmuka), percolator (=botrperkolato), espresso machine (=cabrspreso), vending machine (=venzmi), coffee (paper) filter (=kafpleju'e).
lo minji ca na akti
The machine is lying idle.
oi ra ca tikpa mi
He's kicking me!
mi zifre ca lo cabdei
I'm free today.
mo do ca lo prulamcte
What happened to you last night?
mutce glare ca lo cabdei
It's very hot today.
ra na ticysku ca da
He never lies.
ca ma ro do se'ixru
When will you return?
mi ca tcidu lo cukta
I am reading a book.
carvi ca lo zi lecydo'i
It is going to rain this afternoon.