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cmavo rafsi: caz modal aspect: actuality/ongoing event.
do ca'a se jenca
You're in shock.
xu do ca'a campa'i
Are you in love?
mi ca'a blucri mutce
I'm bleeding badly.
ca ca'a si'ercarvi
It's snowing.
mi ca'a jorne
I am online.
xu do ca'a jorne
Are you online?
mi ca'a limna
I'm actually swimming.
la kevin ca ca'a jatna
Kevin is now acting as a captain.
la tom ca'a dasni loi rotsu lenjo
Tom is wearing thick glasses.
lo citno ke cmalu datka ca'a flulimna
The small duckling is swimming.
xu do fizbu lo ka ca'a pare'u stuvi'e le gugde'itu
Are you excited of being in Italy for the first time?
ti marce ge lo se vecnu na'o ku gi lo remna ca'a ku
This is a vehicle intended to transport goods but actually used for transporting people.
fu'ivla x1 is running service/in operation/performs functions x2; x1 is "turned on", working, acting, active, in action See also ca'a se pilno, tolspofu, na'akti, aktigau
lujvo x1 actualizes x2 (nu); x1 makes x2 actually happen; x1 makes x2 a reality See ca'a, gasnu, cazyfau, placazgau
lujvo f1 is actual (existing in act or reality, not just potentially). See also ca'a, fasnu, jetnu, pusfau, faurnu'o.