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fu'ivla x1 happens now Absolute time reference. See also cabna.
cmavo-compound tense: right here; refers to current spatial reference absolutely *Note: Not currently accepted by grammar parsers.* It may be desirable to separate the spatial and time senses of the word nau; this is one proposed solution. Alternative: bu'u nau'u. See zva'ati, ca'abna
lujvo x1 (si'o / proposed-or-existing cmavo) deserves a monosyllabic cmavo x2, even though language x3 (default Lojban) is running out of cmavo space, because of letteral-manipulation cmavo x4 and other-rarely-used cmavo x5, and it must have that monosyllabic cmavo at time x6 (default: lo ca'abna), [insert expletive x7 (default zo mabla)] it! u'ivla. See gimy'inda