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lujvo d1=c1 is today; d1=c1 is the day occuring at the same time as c2, day standard d3. Cf. prulamdei, bavlamdei.
cabdei .oipei
How was your day today?
dilnu cabdei
It is cloudy today.
glare ca lo cabdei
It's hot today.
lo cabdei cu xavdei
Today is Saturday.
tcelenku ca lo cabdei
It's really cold today.
ma cabdei fasnu
What happens today?
je'a lenku co cabdei
It's really cold today.
mligla ca lo cabdei
It is rather warm today.
mi zifre ca lo cabdei
I'm free today.
lo cabdei pu ca'o zdile
Today was fun.
mutce glare ca lo cabdei
It's very hot today.
mo'u mo ca lo cabdei
What have they done today?
mi tcexagji ca lo cabdei
I'm very hungry today.
ma zgicu'a ca lo cabdei
Who's the D. J. today?
le cabdei cu steci djedi
Today is a special day.