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lujvo m1=c1 is the current month by month standard m3, simultaneous with c2 in time. Cf. cabna, pavmasti.
lujvo n1 is the current year by standard n3, simultaneous with c2 in time. Cf. cabma'i, cabdei.
lujvo m1=b1=l1 is the next month; m1=b1=l1 is the month following b2=l2, month standard m3. Cf. prula'ima'i, cabma'i.
lujvo m1=p1=l1 is the previous month; m1=p1=l1 is the month before p2=l2, month standard m3. Cf. bavla'ima'i, cabma'i.
gismu rafsi: ma'i x1 is x2 months in duration (default is 1 month) by month standard x3. This month (= cabma'i); next month (= bavla'ima'i); last month (= prula'ima'i). See also detri, djedi, jeftu, nanca.