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gismu rafsi: cab x1 is current at/in the present of/during/concurrent/simultaneous with x2 in time. (default x2 is the present resulting in:) x1 is now; time relationship only, 'aorist' claiming simultaneity does not mean one event does not extend into the past or future of the other. See also zvati, balvi, purci, cmavo list ca, cmavo list ca'a.
la cabna cedra
Common Era
lo cabna cu nicte
Now it's night. At present it's night.
ma cabna lo se srera
When did the error occur?
ko'a galfi mi lo cabna me mi
He has made me what I am today.
fu'ivla x1 happens now Absolute time reference. See also cabna.
pare'u lo nu mi le'ipli lo jukpa cu cabna
This is the first time I've ever recruited a cook.
lo cabna cu se tcika li rere .uedai
It's already ten o'clock at night.
lo xamgu fasnu cu cabna lo xlali fasnu
Good and bad events happen at the same time.
lo cabna cu cedra lo nu pilno lo skami
These days are the era of using computers.
ca lo cabdei mi ba tavla fi lo ka te vajni lo cabna kluce'u lo xadykelci'e
Today, I'm going to talk about the importance of sport in modern society.
lujvo x1 overlaps in time and space with x2 See also cabna, zvati, mokca.
lujvo m1=c1 is the current month by month standard m3, simultaneous with c2 in time. Cf. cabna, pavmasti.
lujvo c1=f1 is live (experienced as it happens) to experiencer c2. Cf. cabna, fasnu, tivni.
lujvo x2=c1 is current at/in the present of/during/concurrent/simultaneous with x1=c2 in time. se cabna; see also ca.
lo cmalu cu parbi lo temci be lo cabna bei lo nu cliva vau lo temci be lo nu cliva bei lo nu volta
It's a small fraction of the time from now until leaving with respect to the time from leaving until returning.