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lujvo n1 is the current year by standard n3, simultaneous with c2 in time. Cf. cabma'i, cabdei.
ti'e lo xispo zgike cu suksa jinga lo zgike gundi ca lo cabna'a
I hear Latin music is taking the music industry by storm this year.
lujvo n1=b1=l1 is next year; n1=b1=l1 is the year following b2=l2 by year standard n3. Cf. prulamna'a, cabna'a.
lujvo n1=p1=l1 is yesteryear; n1=p1=l1 is the year preceding p2=l2 by year standard n3. Cf. bavlamna'a, cabna'a.
gismu rafsi: na'a x1 is x2 years in duration (default is 1 year) by standard x3; (adjective:) x1 is annual. This year (= cabna'a); next year (= bavlamna'a); last year (= prulamna'a). See also detri, djedi, jeftu, masti.