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gismu x1 is made of/contains/is a quantity of chocolate/cocoa. See also ckafi.
cakla .iunai
I don't like chocolate.
cakla .iuru'enai
I don't like chocolate.
mi nelci lo cakla
I like chocolate.
.oi nai glare cakla
Mmm, hot chocolate!
cakla iu nai
I hate chocolate.
mi mutce nelci loi cakla
I love chocolate.
mi na nelci lo cakla
I don't like chocolate.
fu'ivla x1 is vanilla. Cf. cakla, ckafi.
xu do nelci lo blabi cakla
Do you like white chocolate?
lo cakla cu vindu lo gerku
Chocolate is a poison to dogs.
mi nelci lo blabi cakla ne se mau lo manku cakla
I prefer white chocolate to dark chocolate.
lo mi tanxe be lo cakla ma zvati
Where's my box of chocolates?
le ninmu cu spali lo xadni lo cakla
The woman polished her body with a chocolate.
gismu rafsi: kaf x1 is made of/contains/is a quantity of coffee from source/bean/grain x2. Brew based on a seed/bean/grain; e.g. also chicory coffee, decaf, postum. See also tcati, brewed from a leaf, barja, cakla.
mi te ctipla .i mi ju'odji le jei lo nu citka be lo cakla cu rinka lo nu plana
I'm on a diet and would like to know if chocolate makes you fat.