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gismu x1 vanishes/disappears from location x2; x1 ceases to be observed at x2 using senses/sensor x3. Also leaves, goes away (one sense). See also cliva, ganse, zgana, lebna, vimcu.
He disappeared.
do canci
You disappear.
lo snime bazi canci
The snow will soon disappear.
lo ratcu pu canci
The rat disappeared.
do canci lo jvinu be fi mi
You disappeared from my view.
i ku'i la'acu'i ja'o loi vi cmana fe'eco'a fe'eca'o canci
On the contrary, I think it may turn out that this rugged mountain range trails off at some point.
lujvo c1 fades from location c2 c.f. masno canci
le kulnu be lo pruxa'u natmi cu ze'u pu'o daspo canci
The culture of the indigenous peoples was for a long time on the verge of being eradicated.
i fi'o suksa co'a gusni bu'u lo darno i ba bo le gusni cu canci
Suddenly a light appeared far away and then the light disappeared.
lo nu lo ractu cu canci cu makfa lo verba la djon
The disappearance of the rabbit performed by John was magical for the child.
lo su'u la pongu'e cu toljgi kei noi jalge tu'a la .pasifik. zei nunjamna na mo'u canci
Japan's shame, the result of the Pacific War, has not yet faded.
lujvo x2=c1 vanishes/disappears from location x1=c2 according to senses/sensor x3=c3. se canci
lujvo x3=c1 vanishes/disappears from location x2=c2 according to senses/sensor x1=c3. te canci
lujvo c1 materializes/suddenly appears at location c2 according to senses/sensor c3. to'e canci, see also spaji, zgana
la .tom. cu cinmo lo ka lenku ku ca lo nu lo solri cu canci ku semu'i lo nu ko'a dasni lo nivycreka
Tom got cold when the sun went down, so he put the heater on.