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gismu rafsi: cad x1 is idle/at rest/inactive. “in motion”, not implying a change in location, is negation of this: narcando. See also surla.
ta'e cando
He tends to be idle.
mi ca to'e cando
I don't have time now.
ko'a simlu lo ka cando
She seemed to be idle.
ko co'e ca lo nu cando
Do it when you have time.
lujvo c1 is busy. Cf. to'e, cando, zukcfu.
lujvo cab1=can1 (device/apparatus) is off / not operational. Cf. narca'acando, cando.
lujvo x1 in motion/active. A change in position is not implied. “idling” (not moving), is the negation of this: cando.
gismu rafsi: sur x1 relaxes/rests/is at ease in/by doing/being x2 (activity). See also dunku, tatpi, cando, vreta.