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gismu rafsi: cag x1 is a farm/ranch at x2, farmed by x3, raising/producing x4; (adjective:) x1 is agrarian. Also grange; farming is any organized agrarian activity, not limited to plant crops. See also purdi, nurma, ferti, foldi, xarju.
lo speni ku joi mi puca'o vitke lo te cange
My spouse and I were visiting the farmer.
le te cange pu plixa lo dertu lo barda
The farmer ploughed the ground using a large plow.
ti cange lo barda tumla lo mensi be mi lo vanjba
This is a farm covering a large parcel of land; it's kept by my sister and produces grapes.
le te cange pu pajni lo du'u xu kau lo grute cu makcu
The farmer was deciding whether fruits were ripe.
mi co'a catni lo ka te cange ti vau lo ka te permite mi lo patfu be mi
The authority to be a farmer on this land has been given to me by my father.
lujvo p1 plows p2 with tool p3 propelled by oxen/cattle of species/breed b2. Cf. bakykakpa, cange.
lujvo x1 plows, removing x2 from x3 using tool x4 and oxen x5. Cf. bakplixa, cange, foldi, ba'ostu.
lujvo z1 grows b1 for purpose/goal z3 to size/form b2 from b3. Cf. tsiju, spati, cange.
lujvo s1 is a nursery where b1 grows to size/form b2 from b3. Cf. ba'orzu'e, cange, spati, tsiju.
lujvo di1 is a barn for storing/sheltering grains/livestock/tools/machinery da1. Cf. grutersro, xirzda, cange, sorcu.
lujvo x1 is a livestock/farm-animal kept by x2 of species x3 See cange, danlu, dalcange
lujvo g1 is a/the agricultural industry/sector producing g2=c4 from farms c1 located in c2 farmed by c3. Omit g3. Cf. cange, gundi.
lujvo p1 is a farmer associated with farm c1 producing c4. Cf. te, cange, tercange, pudykurji.
lujvo n1 is agriculture of product c2 from source/area c3=t1 by farmers c1 cf. tumla, crepu, cange.