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gismu rafsi: num x1 is a rural/rustic/pastoral area of x2; x1 is in the country. See also jarbu, rarna, tcadu, cange.
gismu rafsi: pud x1 is a garden/tended/cultivated field of family/community/farmer x2 growing plants/crop x3. Orchard (= ricpurdi). See also foldi, cange, panka.
lujvo x2=c1 is a farm/ranch at x1=c2, of rancher x3=c3 raising/producing x4=c4. se cange, see also stuzi
lujvo c1 is a farmer/rancher, c2 being the location of farm/ranch c1, raising/producing c4. Cf. te, cange, cagypre, pudykurji.
lujvo x4=c1 is a farm/ranch at x2=c2, of rancher x3=c3 raising/producing x1=c4. ve cange, see also banro
lujvo c1 is a ranch at c2, of rancher c3 raising animals c4=d1. Cf. danlu, cange, jipci, bakni, xarju, ladru, sovda.
gismu rafsi: fre x1 is fertile/conducive for supporting the growth/development of x2; x1 is fruitful/prolific. Also fecund (note that the Lojban covers both potential and actual/realized fertility). See also vanbi, sidju, rorci, farvi, banro, cange.
gismu rafsi: flo foi x1 is a field [shape/form] of material x2; x1 is a broad uniform expanse of x2. Also woods (= ricfoi), lawn/meadow (= sasfoi), brush (= spafoi, cicyspafoi). See also purdi, cange.
gismu rafsi: xaj x1 is a pig/hog/swine/[boar] [pork/ham/bacon-producer] of species/breed x2. Sow (= fetxarju), boar (= nakyxarju), pork (= xajre'u), piglet (= citxarju). See also mabru, cange.