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gismu rafsi: car x1 turns about vector x2 towards direction x3, turning angular distance / to face point x4 Also revolve (= jincarna). See also gunro, jendu. New definition of carna originally proposed by Robin Lee Powell and backward-compatible with the old one. Official definition: x1 turns/rotates/revolves around axis x2 in direction x3.
la terdi cu carna
The earth rotates.
vlile carna xamsi brife
Tropical cyclone
ko pritu carna
Turn right.
ko carna fi lo zunle
Turn left!
ko carna fi lo pritu dargu
Take the road on the right.
la karlos pu carna fi lo trixe
Carlos turned around.
ko carna fe'e mo'u lo pritu
Turn right.
ko'a xusra lo du'u la terdi cu carna la solri
He said that the earth goes round the sun.
ko carna fi lo pritu bu'u lo te kruca
Turn right at the crossroad.
ko carna fi lo zunle bu'u lo te kruca
Turn left at the crossroad.
lujvo cr1=ca1 turns to face cr2. Cf. crane, carna.
lo karce pu ca'o carna fi lo zunle ma'i lo galtu fe'emo'u lo pritu
The car was rotating counterclockwise (when viewed from above) until it faced to the right.
lo xislu pu carna lo grana lo zunle ma'i lo galtu
The wheel was rotating around the rod counterclockwise when viewed from above.
xu do xusra lo du'u lo terdi cu carna lo solri
Are you asserting that the Earth goes round the Sun?
lujvo ca1=cn1 is a drill [rotating, bladed digging tool] for digging cn2 See also carna, canpa, carka'a