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gismu rafsi: ca'e x1 [agent] shoves/pushes x2 at locus x3. Move by pushing/shoving (= ca'ermuvgau). (cf. danre for non-agentive force, lacpu)
catke zei uidje
zei-lujvo u1 is a slider in user interface u2. See uidje.
ko catke mo'i zu'a
Push it to the left.
da pu catke mi mo'ine'i
Somebody pushed me in.
ko catke la'e me'o so pa pa
Dial 911!
ko catke la'e me'o so pa pa
Dial 911!
ralte lo ka catke le karce
He keeps pushing the car.
le nixli pu catke le nanla re'o lo stedu be ri
The girl pushed the boy on his head.
lujvo car1=cat2 is a pushcart/wheelbarrow for carrying car2. Cf. catke, carce.
lujvo x1 washes x2 away and is a current/flow/river of/in x3. See also flecu catke.
lujvo c1=b2 (agent) blows c2. Cf. catke, brife, vasxu, vacri, tolsakci.
lujvo g1=c1 pushes m1=c2 to destination m2 from origin m3 over path/route m4. Cf. catke, muvgau, danre.
gismu rafsi: da'e x1 (force) puts pressure on/presses/applies force to x2. Agentive press/depress (= da'ergau, da'erzu'e). See also catke, bapli, prina, tinsa.
gismu rafsi: lap cpu x1 pulls/tugs/draws/drags x2 by handle/at locus x3. Gravity (= ka maicpu, maircpukai). See also catke, sakci, cokcu.
lujvo m3 (non-agentive) rubs/brushes/scrubs against m2 with frictional force m1. Cf. mosra, termosygau, catke.
lujvo g1=l1 pulls m1=l2 to destination m2 from origin m3 over path/route m4 at handle/locus l3. Cf. catke, bevri, jgari, cpumi'i, trene, pulni.