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experimental cmavo elliptical/unspecified truth value; "maybe, maybe not" cau'i, but in NA. Indicates unspecificity or uncertainty between ja'a and na. See cau'e.
la .tom. cau'a smusku lo jetnu
Tom may or may not be telling the truth.
experimental cmavo elliptical/unspecified scalar modifier: "maybe, maybe not", modifies next selbri-unit or tag cau'i, but in NAhE. Shortened from cau'o'e. See cau'a.
experimental cmavo modifier / discursive: elliptical affirmative; "maybe, maybe not" Elliptical NAI/CAI. "Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe somewhere in between". Can also modify attitudinals: uicau'i = "Maybe I'm happy, maybe I'm sad". See ju'ocu'i, ju'acu'i, ju'oinai, cau'a, cau'e, na'i, ge'e