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lujvo x1=ce1=ca1 is this morning; x1=ce1=ca1 is the morning occuring at the same time as day x2=ce2=d1 at location x3=ce3. Morning (=cerni), tomorrow morning (=bavlamcerni), yesterday morning (=prulamcerni).
lo bangu zo'u mi ce do simxu le ka ce'u ctuca ce'u
We both teach each other the language.
ma traji lo ka bajra sutra kei fo la.ken. ce la.tonis.
Who runs faster, Ken or Tony?
mi'ai muvdu fo lo cripu be lo rirxe bei lo tcadu ce lo nurma
We are moving over the bridge across the river that connects the city and the rural zone.
le mamta pu galfi lo rectu ce lo nanba lo pluka snuji
Mother turned the meat and the bread into lovely sandwiches.
la alis cu jbini li re no ce li ci no lo ka jai nanca ce'u
Alice is between 20 and 30 years old.
do ce mi pu casnu da i la'e di'u pu cacra li ji'i pa
There was something you and I discussed. And that lasted for approximately an hour.
lo ni mi gunka ce lo ni mi surla cu lanxe lo se zukte be mi
I keep my work and my leisure time in balance.
mi ba citka lo omle be lo sovda ce lo tamca
I will eat an omelette made with eggs and tomatoes.
le jisra cu te runta lo sakta ce lo jbari lo djacu
The juice is made of sugar and berries dissolved in water.
i mi pu citka lo stasu be lo dembi ce lo silna
I ate a bean soup with salt.
mi vasxu lo noi culno lo kijno ce lo pluka panci vau vacri be lo purdi
I breathe the air of the garden full of oxygen and pleasant scents.
fu'ivla x1 (ordered set) is an index of unordered items x2 (set) ordered by rule x3 (proposition) See also ce'o, ce, lidne
fu'ivla x1 is a set (mathematical) consisting of elements x2, x3, x4, etc. See setmima, ce, porsice, gunmace, menrece
lujvo xa1=ce1 is a small arm/gun for use against xa2 by xa3, launching small projectile ce2=cm1, defined as small arms by standard cm3, projectile propelled by ce3. The description is usually limited to revolvers, pistols, carbines, rifles, shotguns, submachine guns, assault rifles, sniper rifles etc. In the United States any firearm having a bore diameter of .50 caliber or less is normally considered a "small arm."
lo mi pendo ce mi pu tsuku lo cizra stuzi se cau lo ka sanji lo du'u ka'e ckape
My friend and I arrived at a strange place lacking the awareness that it can be dangerous.