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la .tom. cu simlu lo ka lo du'u la .maris. joi la .djon. pu ba'o spesi'u cu nalble spaji ce'u
Tom seemed quite surprised when he heard that Mary and John had gotten married.
lo mamta be lo pendo be mi cu kakne lo ka lo nu ce'u klama lo lalxu cu cafne
The mother of a friend of mine is able to frequently go to the lake.
ko'a poi ke'a ji'efri secau lo ka ce'u bebna cu prije seme'a lo ni ko'a jinvi lo du'u nei
Who lives without folly is not so wise as he thinks.
lo kibro cu ciste lo se tcana be lo skami poi se pi'o ce'u lo prenu cu jikca
The internet is a system with computer nodes, using which people communicate.
lo jungo bangu cu darno lo glico bangu lo ka va'o ce'u ma kau tarmi lo nu bacru
Chinese language is far from English in the manner of pronunciation.
lo ka gasnu lo zekri cu datni le nanmu lo ka zgana lo se zukte be ce'u
Being a criminal are the data about the man collected by monitoring his actions.
lo ka gasnu lo zekri cu info le nanmu lo ka zgana lo se zukte be ce'u
That he is a criminal is the information about the man collected by monitoring his actions.
mi pu jilra lo mi bruna lo se frili poi tai ke'a tavla fa ce'u bau la lojban
I envied the ease at which my brother talked in Lojban.
zo kansa rimni zo dansu la lojban lo ka ci lamji lerfu be ce'u cu mintu simxu
"kansa" rhymes with "dansu" in Lojban in that three adjacent letters in each of those words are the same.
lo vi jinci cu vraga lo ka se pi'o ce'u katna lo pelji vau lo midju re da
These scissors is a lever for cutting paper with the fulcrum in the middle and two arms.
experimental cmavo lambda variable prenex; marks the end of introduction of lambda-scope variables. Cf. zo'u. In effect this word is used as a shortcut around verbose repeated assignment in a ka prenex: lo ka ce'u goi ko'a ce'u goi ko'e ... zo'u ... is the same as lo ka ko'a ko'e ... ce'ai ... In either form this style can be used to avoid subscripting and to disambiguate nested ka, ni, etc.
experimental cmavo abstractor: x1 (x2, ...) are such that they satisfy [bridi], using bo'a/bo'e/etc for variables kai'ei is to kai'u what ka'ei is to ka. Uses bo'a/bo'e/bo'i/bo'o/bo'u (bo'ai for more variables) instead of ce'u (which may still be used for "next place").
pe'i lo za'i lo ro do kansa mi cu zmadu tu'a lo pulji .e lo drata lo ka mi kufra ce'u
For my part, having you lot with me is more reassuring than the police or anything!
gismu rafsi: cem ce'u x1 is a community/colony of organisms x2. See also bende, kulnu, natmi, tcadu, jecta, girzu.
lujvo x1 is infinitely recursively related to x2 by applying infinite levels of recursion to predicate relation x3 (ka with two ce'u) cimni + efku. Cf. ci'i, cimny'efku.
fu'ivla x1 is the sensation/qualia (abstract) associated with objects with property x2 (ka), via sense x3 (ka), as sensed by x4 lo ganseti be lo ka (ce'u) xunre = "the color red", lo ganseti be lo ka (ce'u) sudga = "the sensation/feeling of dryness". x3 is the involved sense, e.g. lo ka viska for sight; this can often be left unspecified. Proposed NU: ga'ei, with rafsi -gel- . See ganse, li'i, li'imdu, gansetifri