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gismu rafsi: cem ce'u x1 is a community/colony of organisms x2. See also bende, kulnu, natmi, tcadu, jecta, girzu.
lo bangu be lo cecmu cu ro roi vajni tcila le cecmu
The language in a society is always its important detail.
piro le cecmu cu ba cerda le binxo me dyny.abu
The entire colony will inherit the mutant DNA.
lo cecmu be lo cipni mo'u muvdu lo vi tcadu
A colony of birds moved to this city.
lujvo x1 is the society / community system of x2 (society members, exhaustive) See also cecmu, ciste, kluce'u
lujvo s1 pertains to community s2=c2 Cultural gismu replacement lujvo for communities: From gismu cecmu and srana
lujvo k2 is a civilization consisting of culture k1. Cf. natmi, cecmu.
lujvo c1 is a society of c2=k2 with cultural aspects k1. Cf. cecmu, kulnu, jikca, kulnu.
gismu rafsi: nat nai x1 is a nation/ethnic group of peoples x2; [people sharing a history/culture]. See also jecta, kulnu, lanzu, gugde, bangu, cecmu.
lujvo n1 (number) is the population of inhabitant group g1 in area x2 measured on scale n2. Cf. xabju, cecmu, tcadu, jarbu, nurma.
gismu rafsi: tca x1 is a town/city of metropolitan area x2, in political unit x3, serving hinterland/region x4. Also (adjective:) x1 is urban. See also jarbu, nurma, cecmu.
gismu rafsi: jec je'a x1 is a polity/state governing territory/domain x2; [government/territory relationship]. (adjective:) x1 is civil/political. See also gugde, tutra, turni, natmi, jansu, lanci, cecmu.
gismu rafsi: klu x1 [mass of ideas, customs, skills, arts] is culture of nation/ethos x2 (mass); x1 is ethnic. (note that x2 is NOT individual; culture is what is shared among people and is not an individual trait). See also cmavo list ka'u, cmavo list ku'u, natmi, cecmu.
gismu rafsi: bed be'e x1 is a crew/team/gang/squad/band of persons x2 directed/led by x3 organized for purpose x4. (x1 is a mass; x2 is a set completely specified); Also orchestra (= zgibe'e, balzgibe'e), outfit; x3 conductor; business, not necessarily incorporated (= cajbe'e, venbe'e). See also gunma, girzu, dansu, jatna, jitro, kagni, kamni, minde, ralju, cecmu, gidva.
gismu rafsi: gir gri x1 is group/cluster/team showing common property (ka) x2 due to set x3 linked by relations x4. Also collection, team, comprised of, comprising; members x3 (a specification of the complete membership) comprise group x1; cluster (= kangri). See also bende, ciste, cmima, gunma, panra, cabra, cecmu, kansa, klesi, lanzu, liste, vrici.