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gismu rafsi: cne x1 varies/changes in property/quantity x2 (ka/ni) in amount/degree x3 under conditions x4. Non-resultative, not-necessarily causal change. (cf. cenba which is non-resultative, galfi which is resultative and causal, stika which is non-resultative and causal; stodi, zasni, binxo)
lo prenu vi'e cenba
People change in time and space.
mi djica lo ka cenba
I want to change.
lujvo x1 (event) varies in intensity/amount See also cenba
.i no da zasti cirko .i no da zasti binxo .i ro da cenba
Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed.
do cenba lo ka ma kau se cpedu vau lo barda
Your demands vary to much degree.
lo vi karce cu macnu lo ka gau cenba lo ka sutra
The speed of this car is changed manually.
lujvo x1 transitions to state x2 from state x3 See also cenba, ki'icne.
lujvo x1 is a variable taking value x2 under conditions x3. See also sinxa, cenba
do pu xlura sa'u mi lo ka te vecnu lo vi dinju vau ta'i lo ka jai gau cenba fai lo jdima
You just lured me into buying this house by changing the price.
lujvo x1 makes x2 vary in property x3 in amount x4 under conditions x5 See cenba, gasnu
lujvo x1 varies in what it is in relation x2 to, transiting to a relation with x3 from one with x4 See also kaicne, cenba.
gismu rafsi: bix bi'o x1 becomes/changes/converts/transforms into x2 under conditions x3. Resultative, not-necessarily causal, change. (cf. cenba for non-resultative, galfi for causal, stika for non-resultative, non-causal change; zasni)
gismu rafsi: gaf ga'i x1 (event) modifies/alters/changes/transforms/converts x2 into x3. Causal, resultative change; agentive modification (= gafygau, gafyzu'e). (cf. stika for non-resultative, binxo for not-necessarily causal change, cenba for non-resultative change; zasni)
lujvo x1=n1 is a change in property/quantity x2=c2 (ka/ni) of amount/degree x3=c3 under conditions x4=c4. Cf. nu, cenba, galfi, stika.
gismu rafsi: tik x1 (event) adjusts/regulates/changes x2 (ka/ni) in amount/degree x3. Non-resultative, causal change; agentive adjust (= tikygau, tikyzu'e). See also cenba which need not be causal, galfi which is causal and resultative, binxo which need not be causal but is resultative, zasni, stodi.