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gismu rafsi: ced x1 is an heir to/is to inherit x2 (object/quality) from x3 according to rule x4. Pedantically, inheriting an object should be a sumti-raising (tu'a if non-abstract in x2) of inheriting loka ponse the object - the ownership of the object (= posycerda, posyselcerda for unambiguous semantics). See also jgina.
la tom cerda fi do
Tom is your heir.
ra cerda lo ka blanu kanla kei lo mamta
She inherited her mother's blue eyes.
piro le cecmu cu ba cerda le binxo me dyny.abu
The entire colony will inherit the mutant DNA.
mi cerda lo dinju lo patfu be mi lo se djica be ri
I inherited the house from my father according to his will.
lujvo c1 inherits property (right) p1=c2 from c3 according to rule c4. Specialization of cerda.
lujvo x1 is genetics based on methodology x2. Cf. cerda, jgina
gismu rafsi: gin x1 is a gene of creature [or locus on creature] x2 determining trait/process x3. Also chromosome = (gincilta, ginpoi). See also cerda.
lujvo c2=p1 is the inheritance (legal property) for heir p2=c3, property according to law/custom p3, inherited from c1 according to law/custom c4. This definition means only the inheritance of legal property. For a more general definition, see cerda.