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lujvo c1=m3 is a wizard/sorcerer of m1=c1, which is magical to m2, with standard of sorcery c3. Cf. makfa, certu
lujvo c1=m2 (person) is intelligent/smart by standard c3. Cf. menli, certu, bebna, pensi, crexalbo
fu'ivla x1 is 1337/leet in aspect/property x2 (ka) by standard x3. This joke word is productively equivalent to certu and can presumably be replaced by it in all contexts. (Except maybe when the parcicize1 is not an agent.)
gismu x1 has a talent/aptitude/innate skill for doing/being x2. See also jinzi, certu, rarna, larcu, kakne.
lujvo c1=m2 (person) is unintelligent/dumb/stupid by standard c3. Cf. menli, certu, bebna, pensi, mencre
mi penmi no da poi certu ta'i lo nu tcidu lo cukta kei lo boljinterjvi e si'a lo fange bangu
I've never met anyone who was able to learn how to play basketball just by reading a book. The same holds true for learning foreign languages as well.
le certu be lo zu'o blutu'u karbixygau cei broda cu tepygau vo'a lo ka crezenzu'e lo zu'o broda lo vartisyboi
The phlebotomist scared herself by practicing her craft on a balloon.
do zenba lo ka certu tu'a la lojban no'i mi jinvi lo du'u lo do jufra na mulno drani
You are becoming more and more proficient in Lojban. Back to the previous topic, I think your sentence wasn't fully correct.
obsolete fu'ivla x1 is rational, prudent, judicious, level-headed with a limited ken (range of sight) Inspired by pamrkovni (to which it is synonymous) and its etymological ancestor (see Etymology section) without having such a strong implication of CVC(r)- (classifier rafsi prefix) morphology. See also: stati, na certu
lujvo z1=c1 (experiencer) increases in skill / expertise at z2=c2 by amount z3 by means of repeating action r1 r2 times. Made from rapli + certu + zenba.
fau lo nu da poi prenu cu nu'o se bangu de ba'o lo nu da makcu zo'u lakne nai fa lo nu da ba certu se bangu de
If a person has not had a chance to acquire his target language by the time he's an adult, he's unlikely to be able to reach native speaker level in that language.
fau ei ro da mi se zu'e se marvele lo nu le prenu se la'u li xo kau certu lo ka limna
I cannot but wonder at his skill in swimming.
lo ka di'i tavla fo la lojban cu vajni do lo ka se jalge lo nu do certu tu'a la lojban
Regularly talking in Lojban is important to you in becoming an expert in Lojban.
gismu rafsi: ka'e x1 is able to do/be/capable of doing/being x2 (event/state) under conditions x3 (event/state). Also: has talent; know how to; know how to use (= plika'e). (cf. stati, certu, gasnu (in the time-free potential sense), cmavo list ka'e, cmavo list nu'o, cmavo list pu'i, djuno, zifre)
gismu rafsi: jun ju'o x1 knows fact(s) x2 (du'u) about subject x3 by epistemology x4. Words usable for epistemology typically have a du'u place; know how to - implying knowledge of method but not necessarily having the ability to practice (= tadjyju'o). (cf. know/familiar with: se slabu, na'e cnino, na'e fange). See also cmavo list du'o, krici, jinvi, cilre, certu, facki, jijnu, jimpe, senpi, smadi, kakne, birti, mipri, morji, saske, viska.