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gismu rafsi: sre x1 errs in doing/being/making mistake x2 (event), an error under conditions x3 by standard x4. (cf. drani, which is non-agentive, cfila, fliba)
lujvo si1 debugs [searches for] bug/defect c1=si2 (property) in computer system or computer program c2=si3=sk1. Cf. samcfi, cfisisku, skami, cfila, sisku.
gismu rafsi: fli x1 fails at doing x2 (state/event); x1 is a failure at its role in x2. Baffled (= pesfli, jmifli, dafspufli, menfli, among other senses); also x2 ceases/does not complete/fails to continue due to failure on the part of x1. See also cfila, snada, srera, troci, sisti, ranji, denpa, bebna, zunti.