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do je'a xu se cfipu lo ka cuxna lo ka zukte ma kau
Are you really confused of deciding what to do?
fu'ivla x1 is confused about message x2 (text/sedu'u) from sender x3 See ki'a, cfipu, je'empe
gismu rafsi: luj x1 is complex/complicated/involved in aspect/property x2 (ka) by standard x3. Also tangled, confused. See also cfipu, banli, sampu, jgena.
experimental gismu x1 confuses x2 with x3; x1 misidentifies x2 as x3 Syn. dubji'isre. See cfipu, srera, ji'isre, tolmo'i
gismu rafsi: zun zu'i x1 (evt./state) interferes with/hinders/disrupts x2 (evt./state/process) due to quality x3 (ka). Also blocks, obstructs, baffles; not necessarily forcing cessation. See also fanta, dicra, fliba, fanza, raktu, klina, bandu, cfipu, ganlo.