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mi ba volta za lo djedi be li ci
I will return in three days.
lo vorme ci zmiku lo ka co'a kalri
The door opens automatically.
lujvo k1 plays charades/gesture-game ci1=k2 governed by rules ci2 interrelating game parts (physical or conceptual; includes gestures) ci3 From corci ciste kelci. corci1 is included in ciste3. See also cockei
fu'ivla x1 is the language with ISO 639-3 code ''cib'' (Ci Gbe). See also bangu
lujvo cr1 wildcrafts cr2 from cr3=ci1. Cf. rarvelcange.
lujvo ci1=m2 is toucan/toucanet of species/type ci1 with bill m1=s1 of typically intense color or colors s2=ca1 Family Ramphastidae
lujvo g1 is g2 yard/yards (length unit). Cf. ci, jamfu, gutci, degygutci, jmagutci, birgutci, minli.
lujvo co1=ci1 hurts emotionally due to ci3. Cf. cortu, cinmo, cnixai, jgicro, badri, ckeji.
lujvo x1=ci1=cu1 expresses emotion x2=ci2=cu2/emotionally expresses x2 for audience x3=cu3 via expressive medium x4=cu4.
lujvo x1=cr2 is a crop/harvest, harvested by x2=cr1, for use as food x3=ci1, to be eaten by x4=ci2.
pa fi'u ci lo prenu poi zvati ti poi tcadu cu ralte lo ri karce
One out of three persons in this city has his own car.
ko denpa .i pa .i re .i mu si ci .i renro
Wait! One! Two! Five--I mean, Three! Throw!
lo ropa tixnu be la risna noltruni'u cu se prami ci spedji
The Queen of Hearts' only daughter is loved by exactly three suitors.
co'a morsi bu'u la devoncir de'i li vu'u pi'e pi'e ci
He died three months ago in Devonshire.
mi ti ca'o xabju co'a pu za lo nanca be li ci
I have been living here for three years.
la .tom. cu citka ca ro djedi su'o ci taslai poi rismi
Tom eats at least three bowls of rice every day.