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cmavo digit/number: infinity; followed by digits => aleph cardinality.
ci'i da te cuxna
There is an infinite number of possibilities.
li me'i fa'i ci'i ni mi nelci ko'a
I don't like them one bit.
ci'i da te cuxna fi pa prenu i je ci'i re da te cuxna fi re prenu
There is an infinite number of possibilities for one man, and twice as many for two men.
lujvo x1 is infinitely recursively related to x2 by applying infinite levels of recursion to predicate relation x3 (ka with two ce'u) cimni + efku. Cf. ci'i, cimny'efku.
gismu rafsi: ci'i x1 (abstraction) interests/is interesting to x2; x2 is interested in x1. Use x1 tu'a for non-specific interest in an object; interested in (= selci'i). See also zdile, kucli, manci, kurji.
experimental cmavo mekso operator: finite result set derived from/on set A with/due to operator/function B under ordering of application C Equivalent to: lo'i li zy du ca'e li pe'o se'au mau'au B zai'ai vei ma'o xy boi ny ve'o boi tau sy boi C ku poi ke'a cmaci xanri zi'e poi ke'a mleca li ci'i zo'u tau sy klesi A. Acts on an operator/function (b) and produces all finite results of that operator being used on any allowable number of elements of the set A without repetition within any given application. The result must be defined (and finite, obviously). Application of the operator on nothing (the elements of the empty set) is generically allowed and follows convention (for example, an empty sum may evaluate to 0). Differs from kei'ai. Use mau'au and zai'ai for quoting B. C will be specified explicitly (possibly elsewhere) and/or via zoi'ai.