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gismu rafsi: cki x1 (person) explains x2 (event/state/property) to x3 with explanation x4 (du'u). Explanation x4 is an underlying mechanism/details/purpose/method for x2 (= velcki for reordered places), generally assumed to be non-obvious; metaphorical usage with the various causal relations (i.e. jalge, mukti, krinu, rinka, nibli, zukte) is possible, but the non-obviousness, and the existence of an explainer with a point of view makes this word not a simple expression of cause. See also cipra, danfu, jalge, jinvi, krinu, mukti, nabmi, preti, rinka, sidbo, zukte, tavla.
ma ve ciksi
How is this explained?
mi ba ciksi
I'll explain everything.
la'a ru'e ve ciksi
Probably, it's the explanation.
ko troci lo ka ciksi
Try to explain.
ckire do lo ka ciksi
Thanks for your explanation.
do ciksi la'e di'u fo ma
How do you explain that?
.e'u mi ciksi sepi'o lo cartu
Let me explain it with a diagram.
ko'a ciksi lo pu'u zbasu fi ko'e
He explained the process of putting them together.
ko'a pu ciksi tu'a le tcini mi
She explained the matter to me.
la .tam. djica lo nu tilcfu ciksi
Tom wants a detailed explanation.
e'o do ciksi fi mi ba po'o
Please explain it to me later.
do ciksi fi mi ba e'o
Please explain it to me later.
i mi na kakne lo ka ciksi
I am not able to explain.
ko'a ciksi lo pe'anai smuni be le jufra
He explains the literal meaning of the sentence.
.ai mi ba mulno ciksi ve cu'u la uikis
I am going to explain it completely on the wiki.