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experimental gismu x1 is the ISO-named script/writing system of people x2 with ISO-name x1, according to rule/specification x3 See also: jviso, ciska, lerfu, ciste
experimental gismu x1 is the ISO designation/result/standard/code for topic x2 applied to specific case/individual/group/thing x3 according to rule/ISO specification x4 published by/according to mandating organization x5 (default: ISO) Theoretically, the standard organization/body could be other than ISO, but it should be prominent and/or international (and internationally recognized) in scope and nature; in such a case, replace each occurrence of "ISO" in the definition with the appropriate name/designation/title (of the organization, etc.). x1 need not be a name-designation/code (it could be the result of any rule), although it likely will commonly be so. Examples of possible x2-filling sumti: code-designations for language, country, currency, script, etc.. For an entity with a given code, use terjviso or terseljviso (specifying the type of entity being designated by use of the appropriate terbri j2); for a given ISO rule, consider veljviso; for the organization ISO, consider xeljviso. See also: linga, landa, rucni, cilfu, jvinjiata/jvisiata, jvinjica'o/jvisica'o, jvisuai, jvisiupaco, jvisrcei, jvisrbipmo. This word is the gismu version of: javniso/jvaiso.