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gismu x1 is thin in direction/dimension x2 by standard x3; [relatively short in smallest dimension]. See also rotsu, jarki, tordu, cmalu, caxno, plana, jarki.
ra cinla verba
He is a slim child.
la loris cu cinla
Laurie is slim.
lo pilka be lo plise cu cinla
The peel of the apple is thin.
le ninmu cu cinla lo ka se tuple
The woman has thin legs.
ti kombitu lo nu jai gau cnici fai lo kerfa vau lo cinla
This is a comb with thin teeth for putting hair in order.
lujvo z1=c1 becomes thinner in direction/dimension c2 by amount z3. Cf. cinla, zenba.
gismu rafsi: cma x1 is small in property/dimension(s) x2 (ka) as compared with standard/norm x3. See also caxno, cinla, jarki, tordu, barda.
gismu rafsi: jak x1 is narrow in dimension x2 [2nd most significant dimension] by standard x3. See also caxno, cinla, tordu, tagji, cmalu.
gismu x1 is plump/fat/obese [excessively thick/bulbous/swollen] by standard x2. See also cinla, rotsu, barda, punli, grasu.
gismu rafsi: tor to'u x1 is short in dimension/direction x2 (default longest dimension) by measurement standard x3. See also cmalu, jarki, caxno, cinla, clani.
lujvo x1 is thin/skinny/[underweight] [excessively thin/unswollen] by standard x2 If you believe in a difference between rotsu and plana, then you believe in the difference between cinla and tolplana. cf. barda, cinla, ganra, rotsu, clani, tordu, condi, caxno, cmalu, plana.
gismu rafsi: cax x1 is shallow in extent in direction/property x2 away from reference point x3 by standard x4. See also condi, tordu, jarki, cinla, cmalu, jarki, jmifa.
gismu rafsi: rot tsu ro'u x1 is thick in dimension/direction x2 by standard x3; [relatively long in smallest dimension]. Also stout. See also barda, cinla, ganra, clani, condi, plana, gutci, minli.