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gismu rafsi: ci'i x1 (abstraction) interests/is interesting to x2; x2 is interested in x1. Use x1 tu'a for non-specific interest in an object; interested in (= selci'i). See also zdile, kucli, manci, kurji.
cinri preti
That's a good question.
ba cinri
This'll be interesting.
ti cinri ba'e mi
It seems interesting to me.
ti na cinri mi
I am not interested in this.
ti cinri lisri
This is an interesting story.
di'u na cinri
That's not interesting.
de'e cinri jufra
The following sentence is interesting.
.i ja'e bo lo ka cinri cu jai cinri
The phenomenon of interest is in itself, a most interesting subject.
lo zgike cu cinri mi
I'm interested in music.
la'acu'i ti ba cinri do
This might interest you.
loi mlatu cu cinri mi
I'm fascinated by cats.
lo cukta cu cinri mi
The book interests me.
cmavo attitudinal: interest - disinterest - repulsion. See also cinri, selcni.
lonu ve skina cu mutce cinri
Watching movies is very interesting.
tu'a lo lisri cu cinri sai
What an interesting story it is!