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mi pu skicu lo cinri lisri lo mi panzi
I told an interesting story to my child.
lo ultime be lo te jivna ba cinri ba'a
I expect the final part of the competition interesting.
lujvo x1 [loves/takes great, passionate interest in] x2 e.g. he *loves* football, I *love* Lojban. From cinri + prami. See entuzi
experimental cmavo attitudinal: disgust - attraction Expresses disgust (loathing, revulsion). Based on rigni, its opposite is trina (attraction, liking). To be used instead of the "disgust"/repulsion of a'unai for any kind of disgust whose opposite is not cinri, but trina.
gismu x1 is curious/wonders about/is interested in/[inquisitive about] x2 (object/abstract). Inquisitive (= retkucli). See also manci, sisku, se cinri.
gismu rafsi: mac x1 feels wonder/awe/marvels about x2. See also cinmo, makfa, kucli, spaji, cinri, banli, sisku.
lujvo x1=c2 is uninterested in x2=c1. Cf. cinri, selci'i, norselci'i, tolselci'i, a'ucu'i.
lujvo x1=c2 is disinterested in x2=c1. Cf. cinri, selci'i, nalselci'i, tolselci'i, a'ucu'i.
lujvo x1=c2 is interested in x2=c1. Cf. cinri, norselci'i, nalselci'i, tolselci'i.
lujvo c2 is a hobbyist/collector/etc. of c1=s1. See also steci, se, cinri.
lujvo x1=c2 is bored with x2=c1. Cf. cinri, selci'i, nalselci'i, norselci'i, a'unai.
ma se cinri lo nu ca ma kau ra co'a speni
Who cares when she gets married?
mu'i ma jufra .i ka'e cpedu .i ge'e mu'i lo nu lo jufra cu cinri zmadu
Why sentences? …you may ask. Well, because sentences are more interesting.
.i za'a bai lo skami mi nalviska le se cinri nu casnu
Apparently, the computer compels me to not see the interesting discussion.
mi pu co'u se cinri lo ka jai gau jmaji lo estampa
I lost interest in collecting stamps.
ma se cinri lo nu ca ma kau le fetsi co'a speni
Who cares when she gets married?