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gismu rafsi: ci'e x1 (mass) is a system interrelated by structure x2 among components x3 (set) displaying x4 (ka). x1 (or x3) is synergistic in x4; also network; x2 also relations, rules; x3 also elements (set completely specified); x4 systemic functions/properties. See also cmavo list ci'e, cmima, girzu, gunma, stura, tadji, munje, farvi, ganzu, judri, julne, klesi, morna, tcana.
solri ciste
Solar System
mutce ckape ciste
It's a very dangerous system.
lo kibro cu ciste lo se tcana be lo skami poi se pi'o ce'u lo prenu cu jikca
The internet is a system with computer nodes, using which people communicate.
cmavo ciste modal, 1st place used in scalar negation in system/context ...
cmavo-compound ciste modal, 2nd place with system function ...
cmavo-compound ciste modal, 3rd place of system components ...
cmavo-compound ciste modal, 4th place as a system with synergy in ...
lujvo x1 is the society / community system of x2 (society members, exhaustive) See also cecmu, ciste, kluce'u
lujvo x1 is a space program See kensa, litru, ciste
lujvo x1 is a measurement system, defining units x2 gradu, ciste
fu'ivla x1 is a script/orthography for language x2 See vlalepo, lerfu, ciste
lujvo x1 is a script/orthography for language x2 See vlalerpoi, lerfu, ciste
lujvo c1 is/are a/the physical sport(s) exercised/played by x2. Cf. xadni, kelci, ciste.
experimental gismu x1 is the ISO-named script/writing system of people x2 with ISO-name x1, according to rule/specification x3 See also: jviso, ciska, lerfu, ciste
fu'ivla x1 (proposition) is a theory of x2 (proposition); x1 (proposition) is a system of explanations of structure, basic principles or behavior of x2 (proposition) See also ciksi, ciste