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gismu rafsi: cti x1 eats/ingests/consumes (transitive verb) x2. See also cidja, pinxe, tunlo, xagji, xaksu, batci, gusta, kabri.
pei citka
Do you want to eat?
mi'ai citka
We eat.
lujvo x1 has appetite for x2 citka djica
lujvo c1 abstains from eating c2; c1 fasts. Cf. citka.
ko na citka
Do not eat.
do citka ma
What are you eating?
mi citka ca ku
I'm eating now.
mi pu citka
I ate.
mi ba citka
I will eat.
xu do ba'o citka
Have you finished your meal?
.au mi citka
I want to eat.
ko citka loi nanba
Eat the bread!
e'apei mi co'a citka
May I begin to eat?
ei za'u mi citka
We should eat.
ei do citka
You have to eat.