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mi citka lo cirla
I eat some cheese.
mi'o ba citka ma
What are we going to eat?
mi'o citka lo cirlrmontereidjaki
We eat Monterey Jack cheese.
do citka lo plise
You eat apples.
mi citka lo plise
I eat apples.
mi'ai citka lo plise
We eat apples.
lo sutra citka
quick eater
le verba ca'o citka
The child is eating.
mi citka gi'a sanga
I do at least one of the following: I drink and I sing. I drink or I sing.
mi citka gi'u sanga
I eat (whether or not I sing).
lujvo cip1=cit1 is a vulture of species cip2. Cf. morsi, citka, cipni.
lujvo s2 is a course of meal s1. Cf. sanmi, citka, cidja.
lujvo c1=t1 swallows c2. From tunlo citka.
mi ka'enai citka lo rectu
I can't eat meat.
ko citka lo se nelci
Eat whatever you like.
xu do citka lo rectu
Do you eat meat?