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lujvo m1 is cute to m2 in aspect m3. Cf. citno, melbi, cinmle, au'u. Synonym to dibmle
la .lusifEravampirElas. citmle
Lucifera Vampirella is cute.
ko'a mutce citmle
He's so cute.
le nanmu poi te nabzai cu citmle
The girl who works at that bakery is cute.
experimental cmavo attitudinal: cute (attractive in an innocent way) - lack of cuteness - repulsively uncute See citmle, dibmle
lujvo z1=c1 is younger than z2 by amount z4. Cf. nilnalci'o, zatra'i, citme'a, citmle.
fu'ivla x1 is lovely/kawaii to x2 in aspect x3 From iu + melbi; See also iu, melbi, citmle, cinmle
lujvo x1 is cute to x2 in aspect x3 "Attractive in an endearing way". Synonyms: citmle, iumle, plukauaii. See dirba, melbi, au'u, cinmle