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gismu rafsi: cir x1 is a history of x2 according to x3 (person)/from point-of-view x3. Also historic/historical (= cirtermo'i, cirvai). See also muzga.
citri gunka
He's a historian.
xelso citri
History of Greece
citri lo glibau
History of the English language
lujvo ce1 is the modern era. Cf. citri.
mi nelci lo nu tadni lo citri
I like studying history.
ra pu ctuca mi fo lo citri
He taught me history.
ra ralte so'i lo citri cukta
He has many history books.
la .lex. cu se cinri lo citri saske
Lech is interested in history.
le nu jamna cu mokca po'o lo remna citri
The war is just a point in human history.
gismu rafsi: muz x1 is a museum for preserving [and possibly exhibiting] x2 at location x3. See also citri.
mi tadni lo citri be le kagni bei lo cnino lanli
I'm studying the history of the company according to new analysts.
lujvo x1 is archeology of/about subject matter x2 based on methodology x3. From tcepru, saske. See also citri.
lujvo b1 archives s1=b2 in medium b5. snura benji; see also vreji, fukpi, citri, jmaji, sorcu, morji