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gismu x1 is a season/is seasonal [cyclical interval], defined by interval/property x2, of year(s) x3. Also anniversary (= citsydei, na'arcitsydei), jubilee (= mumnoncitsi); the period of time may be short or long as indicated by x2, and may occur every year or every nth year as indicated by x3 (default every year); (x2 and/or x3 may need metaphorical restriction: djecitsi, pavdeicitsi; also equinox, solstice, time of year. See also cedra, crisa, critu, dunra, ranji, temci, vensa, jbena.
lo dunra mi se nelci terai lo citsi
Winter is my favorite season.
vi ku lo dunra cu citsi lo nu lenku
Here, winter is a cold season.
ca citsi lo nu carvi vau lo pa no no mu moi
Now it's the season of rains of year 2005.
gismu rafsi: cis x1 is summer/summertime [hot season] of year x2 at location x3. See also citsi, critu, dunra, vensa.
gismu x1 is autumn/fall [harvest/cooling season] of year x2 at location x3. See also citsi, crisa, dunra, vensa, crepu.
gismu rafsi: dur x1 is winter/wintertime [cold season] of year x2 at location x3. See also citsi, crisa, critu, vensa.
lujvo ci1 is a term/semester with interval ci2 of year ci3 for school ck1. x2 may be formed with "bi'o". Cf. citsi, ckule.
gismu rafsi: ves x1 is spring/springtime [warming season] of year x2 at location x3; (adjective:) x1 is vernal. See also citsi, crisa, critu, dunra.
gismu x1 is an era/epoch/age characterized by x2 (event/property/interval/idea). (x2 interval should be the defining boundaries; if merely a characterizing period, the nature of the interval should be expressed in an abstract bridi, or the interval should be marked with tu'a; x2 may also be characteristic object(s) or practices of the era, if marked with tu'a); See also ranji, temci, citsi.
gismu rafsi: jbe x1 is born to x2 at time x3 [birthday] and place x4 [birthplace]; x1 is native to (fo) x4. x2 bears/gives birth to x1; also x3: natal day. See also fange, gutra, rorci, mamta, salci, citsi.
gismu rafsi: ra'i x1 (event/state) continues/persists over interval x2; x1 (property - ka) is continuous over x2. See also temci, kuspe, renvi, cedra, citsi, manfo, vitci, cukla, fliba, preja, tcena.
gismu rafsi: tem tei x1 is the time-duration/interval/period/[elapsed time] from time/event x2 to time/event x3. Also age/elapsed time (= niltei). See also cacra, cedra, citsi, ranji, tcika, junla, renvi.