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zu'u ckape i zu'unai cinri i zu'ucu'i sarcu
On the one hand it is dangerous. On the other hand it is interesting. From both points of view it is necessary.
ra co'a se asna lo ckape ne'a le barda fenra
He took a dangerous pose near the abyss.
do jai se ckape fai lo ka co'a bilma
You are at risk of getting ill.
le nu litru ba gu'a clani gi ckape
The journey will be dangerous or long.
lo jalge be lo nu xrani cu ckape
The injury is dangerous.
lujvo x1 feels insecurity / feels threatened by threat x2 See also nurcni (antonym), ckape.
lujvo s1 is threatened by s2 (event) from to'e snura c.f. ckape
va'o lo nu ra zi mrobi'o kei lo tcini co'a ckape
If he dies now, the situation will become serious.
lo se cupra poi vasru lo jgina stika jmive cu jmive ckape lo remna
Products with GMO are dangerous to human life.
mutce se vajni lo nu ciksi lo ka ckape ku la .tom.
It's very important to explain the risks to Tom.
xu do mo'u jai gau birti fai loi rirni lo nu le nu litru na ckape
Have you persuaded your parents that the journey wouldn't be dangerous?
xu lo civla be fi lo gerku cu ckape lo remna
Are dog louses dangerous to humans?
lujvo b1 snarls/growls/roars the threat (utterance) of idea/action s2 at audience s3. Cf. ckape, stidi, bacru, capti'i, fegba'u, fe'ucmo.
gismu rafsi: nur nu'a x1 is secure/safe from threat x2 (event). See also ckape, kajde, marbi, terpa, xalni, bandu.
lujvo c1 is safe for c2 under conditions c3 from to'e ckape c.f. nurxru tolnu'a
gismu x1 (person) is panicked by crisis x2 (event/state). See also ckape, snura, terpa, xanka.