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gismu rafsi: kik x1 is a key fitting/releasing/opening/unlocking lock x2, and having relevant properties x3. Also x2 fastener, mechanism; code key (= termifckiku, kiktermifra); x3 is dependent on the type of key, but are those form properties of the key that enable it to serve the function of opening the lock - in the case of a metal key to a padlock, for example, this would be the shaft and teeth. See also stela.
xu do nitcu le ckiku
Do you need the keys?
lo do ckiku ma zvati
Where are your keys?
e'apei mi pilno le ckiku
May I have the key?
mi pu cirko lo ckiku
I have lost the key.
ma se zvati le ckiku
Where's the key?
gismu rafsi: tel x1 is a lock/seal of/on/for sealing x2 with/by locking mechanism x3. See also ckiku.
xu do zvafa'i lo do ckiku
Did you find your keys?
la .tam. pu cirko lo ckiku
Tom has lost his keys.
mi pu cirko lo mi ckiku
I lost my key.
la .tam. setca le ckiku le daski
Tom put the key into his pocket.
vi ku da pe do ckiku
Here are your keys.
mi mo'u cirko lo pe mi ckiku
I lost my keys.
oi ri'e mi cirko lo mi ckiku
Ah, I lost my keys.
i ti ckiku lo xunre vorme i ma ckiku lo do jaspu
What is the password to your account?
se cau lo ckiku ko'a na nerkla lo kumfa
Without the key, she could not have entered the room.