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gismu rafsi: ki'i x1 is related to/associated with/akin to x2 by relationship x3. See also cmavo list ki'i, ponse, srana, steci, mapti, sarxe, fange.
cmavo-compound ckini modal, 3rd place with relation ...
la .filip. la .tam. cu ckini soi vo'a
Philip and Tom are related to each other.
cmavo ckini modal, 1st place (related to) relatively; as a relation of ...
cmavo-compound ckini modal, 2nd place (same as 1st) related to ...
lo nolraitru be le gligu'e cu ckini lo nolraitru be la sferies
The Queen of England is related to the King of Sweden.
lo ka speni te ckini cu jarco lo ka se li'enrafsi zoi sy. bo .sy.
The relationship for marriage shows the prefix "bo".
mi na jimpe lo te ckini be lo panci bei lo se vecnu be fi do
I don't understand the relation between the smell and your purchase.
lo nu da'i mi pu zvati la nipon cu ckini fi no da
The fact that I was in Japan is totally irrelevant.
lo krati be lo turni bei lo ka gubni te ckini co'a tavla loi se natmi
A representative of the governor in public relations started talking to the nation.
li'a no da poi te ckini be la alis bei la kevin pu na drani
Clearly, nothing in their relations was amiss.
lujvo k1 is the relation of s1 to s2. Cf. srana, ckini, jorne.
ti'e lo sance cu ckini lo barda mabru lo ka ce'u cupra ce'u fau lo nu ri pagre ti
They say the sound is related to a large mammal that produces it while passing here.
lo cmaci cu saske lo du'u lo namcu cu simxu lo ka ckini vau lo nu lanli le namcu
Mathematic is a science of how numbers are related to each other based on their analysis.
fu'ivla x1 (fa'u-separated set) is analogous to x2 (fa'u-separated set of same size) by relation x3 (binary ka) See ckini, fa'u
gismu x1 is foreign/alien/[exotic]/unfamiliar to x2 in property x3 (ka). For the sense of alien (not from Earth), see kesfange. See also cizra, jbena, ckini.