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mi ro roi jinga se rai lo ka clani
I always win being the tallest one.
lo cribe cu cpare lo stani be lo clani tricu
The bear climbs up a trunk of a high tree.
lujvo d1=g1=c1 is a tower for pupose d2. See also: clani, galtu, dinju.
lujvo k1=c1 is a limousine for k2, propelled by k3. Cf. clani, karce, marce.
lujvo d1=cl1=cn2 is a giraffe of species/variety d2. Cf. clani, cnebo, danlu, mabru, friko.
lujvo xa2=c1 is tall in stature by measurement standard c3. Cf. clani, xadni, clapre, brabracrida. Refers specifically to a body.
lujvo g1 is a cucumber of cultivar g2. Cf. clani, guzme, tityzme, guzmrkukurbita.
lujvo x1 is tall according to standard x2. Cf. sraji, clani, rajyclamau, rajyclarai, claselxadni.
lujvo z1=c1=s1 is taller than z2 by amount z4. Cf. sraji, clani, zmadu, rajycla, rajyclarai.
lujvo t1=c1=s1 is the tallest among set/range t4. Cf. sraji, clani, traji, rajycla, rajyclamau.
gismu rafsi: tor to'u x1 is short in dimension/direction x2 (default longest dimension) by measurement standard x3. See also cmalu, jarki, caxno, cinla, clani.
mi na djuno lo satci ni lo vi cripu cu clani
I don't know the exact length of this bridge.
ra poi fetsi cu se birka je se tuple lo clani
She has long arms and legs.
lo mitre be li re cu cimde lo kumfa lo ka clani
Two meters is the dimension of the room in length.
mi dunli lo mensi be mi lo ka clani i ku'i mi na mintu le mensi
I am as long as my sister is. But I'm not her.
lo ni clani fe'i lo ni ganra cu du li fi'u
The length is in golden ratio to the length.