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gismu rafsi: liv li'a x1 leaves/goes away/departs/parts/separates from x2 via route x3. Also: x1 leaves behind/takes leave of x2. See also litru, canci, vimcu, lebna, muvdu.
mi cliva
I'm leaving.
cliva ma
Where does it leave from?
ko cliva
ca ma do cliva
When are you off?
ra puzi mo'u cliva
She just left.
ra pu zi cliva
She just left.
.au mi cliva
I want to leave.
mi ca cliva
I'm on my way.
.ei ma'a cliva
We should leave.
.e'anai do cliva
I forbid you to leave.
pe'u cliva zicai
Please go right away.
ko mi cliva
Leave me.
ko mi'a cliva
Leave us.
ko na cliva
Don't leave.
mi cliva .ei
I have to go.